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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

08-3-2022 - What's That Smell, Prosecuting You Know Who, Sanity in Kansas and Top Loading Washers


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Something’s Rotten in the State of
Denmark, oops, I mean Floriduh

Go back to the July 30 posting on this blog, the one describing how a Floriduh State Senate seat was stolen by Republican thieves.  It seems that the Orlando Sentinel is investigating the possible connection between such political skullduggery, Florida Power and Light and an Alabama consulting firm which specializes in such dirty tricks.  South Florida SunSentinel Sunday columnist Fred Grimm takes a look at this from a historical perspective.  Check it out by Clicking Here  or just copy and paste this on your browser line.                                     



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Sanity in Kansas

Yesterday, Kansans went to the polls in unprecedented numbers for a mid-term primary election because the ballot also contained a referendum supporting a change in their laws that would get rid of legal abortions in that State, something anti-abortion politicians thought they could slip through, avoiding having it on the ballot in November.  

They were wrong.  Kansans voted by a 60% to 40% margin not to support a change in their existing laws that permit abortion.  This result confused Republican candidates nationwide, awed by the enormous voter turnout, who now fear losing votes if they support abortion restrictions or losing other votes if they fail to support them.

Shakespeare would have commented on this, as he did in Hamlet, reporting that they were 'hoist by their own petard.'  


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The Way to Prosecute the Defeated Former President

The other evening on his MSNBC program, the Beat, Ari Melber pointed out that while it might be difficult to prosecute and convict the defeated former president for committing one or two individual crimes, it would be easier to put all of them together, and there were many, as one massive, connected effort to carry out a coup which would leave him in office, negating the election of Joe Biden. A conviction for that one big crime might be easier.

His prompting a mob to try to stop the Constitutionally-mandated transfer of the presidency to President-elect Joe Biden on January 6, 2021 was the culmination of his many other failed efforts to remain in office, including pressure on state legislatures to submit alternate electors, searches for non-existent votes, specious challenges to vote counting procedures, telling the Vice President to throw the election into the House where an arcane Constitutional ‘one vote per state’ procedure might be attempted and other questionable acts to further his aim.

Melber pointed out that all of these attempts to remain in office in the event of his defeat were tactics planned even before the election and constituted a single overall strategy upon which his attempted coup would be was based, if he lost the election (which his campaign’s experts told him was likely).

Melber also urged that it was essential to prosecute the defeated former president or else the January 6 insurrection was likely to be repeated in the future and was just a ‘training exercise.

Interestingly  enough, three days earlier, I had posted the following on this very blog that you now are reading.  I won’t claim that Ari got the idea for his beautifully documented program from me, or that he even follows this blog.  Let’s just leave it at concluding that great minds think alike.  Here is what I wrote on July 26:

‘The prosecution must make the point that one or two such incidents might be acceptable as just ‘planning’ on the part of the defendant. The enormous number of them, however, all confirmed by reliable witnesses, should be taken together by a jury as going beyond being mere ‘planning.’  Considering their great number, they should be taken to amount to a planned 'grand strategy,' the culmination of which on January 6, 2021, he cannot separate himself from, and convict him.’

January 6 Rioters

Okay, Melber called it a coup.’  I called it a grand strategy.’  Both words describe the many seditious acts of the defeated former president all lumped together.  He should seriously consider pleading guilty and cut a deal for twenty years of house arrest at Mar-a-Lago, with visitors limited only to family and friends, if he has any.  That choice would be highly preferable to his serving hard time in a real penitentiary.

I had earlier predicted that the Department of Justice would ultimately decide not to proceed with charges against the defeated former president, primarily because of the risk of losing in court and that the Attorney General, nevertheless, in announcing that decision, would point out that they were only acting in that manner to avoid the domestic violence that any verdict would precipitate.

But as the evidence mounts, I have changed my mind. I now agree with Melber that it is essential that he be prosecuted, not doing so amounting to a victory for anti-democratic forces which would further encourage them.


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Consumer Warning

If you are in the market for a top loading washing machine, stay away from Samsung products.  In addition to a recall of some sold up until 2016 due to a dangerous manufacturing defect, there have been rust problems which they will do nothing about.  Mine is in that category.  All I can say about the quality of their washing machines is that Samsung makes excellent TV sets.  We are fortunate that they do not manufacture automobiles.


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America Afloat  (always worth repeating in blog postings)

 Jack Lippman

The greatness of America

Is that it does survive

Attacks upon democracy

Whose flame it keeps alive.

The laws that blossom from the words

The Founding Fathers wrote

Still serve us well today to keep

America afloat. 

This doesn’t happen by itself,

We cannot wish it true,

The bottom line, my friends, is that

It all depends on you.



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