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Friday, June 7, 2024

June 7, 2024 - Recusal of SCOTUS Justices, Weaponizaion of the Law, and the President's Silent Supporters.

Justices Thomas and Alito are Required to Recuse Themselves

Congressman Jamie Raskin

Congressman Jamie Raskin’s recent opinion piece in the NY Times explains why Supreme Court Justices Thomas and Alito MUST recuse themselves from certain cases. It might take a lawyer (Raskin taught Constitutional Law for 30 years) to fully understand the details of what Raskin wrote, but it seems to demand that at least Justices Thomas and Alito must adhere to prior legal decisions.  Small chance of that happening.  

As I see it, there has to be a case before the SCOTUS, something Raskin doesn’t mention, in which their required recusal is an issue in that particular case.  That there is no such case at present is resulting in justice not being served. Could the DOJ be the plaintiff in such a case? 

Read the article at https://www.nytimes.com/2024/05/29/opinion/alito-thomas-recuse-trump-jan-6.html or just CLICK HERE.  


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The Myth of the 'Weaponization" of the Law

The trial of the President’s son, Hunter Biden, in a Federal courtroom in Delaware on charges of lying about his addiction problem while applying for a weapons license, is clear evidence that the Department of Justice and our courts are NOT being 'weaponized' against Republicans, something they are not reluctant to scream out whenever they can. 

The knife cuts both ways.  The judge in Hunter Biden's case is a Republican appointee, as is Judge Cannon in Fort Pierce, where the ‘documents’ case against Trump will be heard whenever she decides to proceed with it.  The prosecutor in Hunter Biden’s case is a Republican, too.  All purport to be following the law.

As for the New York state conviction of Donald Trump, all that took place there was within the ‘rule of law’ as well.  So what was 'weaponized'?  Please tell me.  That's the way the rule of law operates!

Our legal system is being run fairly, except in the eyes of those attempting to hide their criminality.  If any ‘weaponization’ is occurring, it is by Republican appointees resorting to it to delay court actions, a practice criticized over the years by many, including Martin Luther King whose 'Letter from a Birmingham Jail' in 1963 reminded all that  'Justice delayed is justice denied.'  

And before wrapping up this item, here's a question:  If a businessman without a criminal record lied about having an addiction problem on an application for a gun license, and didn't shoot anybody with that gun, AND WERE NOT THE PRESIDENT'S SON, would any Federal prosecutor even waste the DOJ's resources pursuing such a case, rather than turning to simpler remedies such as fining him and refusing him a gun license in the future?  I think not unless they were looking for something to 'weaponize.' 


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The "Primacy" Oath

Here is the oath of office pledged to by members of the House of Representatives and Senators on being seated.  I suggest it be amended to include the words shown in blue.  Similar additions might be added to the oaths taken by the president, the vice-president and the justices of the Supreme Court, but let’s take care of Congress first.  Withoug such an addition, there is nothing to stop them from putting 'party before country.' 

‘I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter, giving these words primacy over loyalties to any political party or other organizations to which I might belong. So help me God.’


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More on Bumper Stickers or Other Displays of Support

In the preceding posting on Jackspotpourri, after bemoaning the absence of 'Biden' bumper stickers and such in our area, I suggested (go back and check it out ... on some devices, it may appear directly following this posting) messages that any supporter can create on their own.  

One of the suggested homemade bumper sticker messages in that last posting of Jackspotpourri was I'm Not Hidin' ... I'm For Biden'.  Well, you might ask, why would anyone be hiding their support of the President?   I'll tell you why.  

There are some Biden supporters who might oppose his position on immigration at our Southern border, our relationship with Israel regarding the war in Gaza, or on any number of other issues on which he has acted. But when they vote on Nov. 5 (or send in their 'vote by mail' ballot), they still will be voting for him.  But that's not quite enough.  

Some of them might sincerely believe it best not to invite damage to the Biden campaign which open disagreement will bring, keeping such internal conflicts out of the spotlight.  So some voters 'hide' their ultimate preference for him, leaving it unspoken, rather than debate these issues in public.  

I think they are wrong and should swallow a little and not hesitate to more forcefully back President Biden.  Otherwise, they give strength to his opponent, the convicted felon for whom they would never vote, regardless of any disagreement they might have with President Biden.

Even Democrats who strongly disagree with President Biden's position on important issues recognize that he still is a far superior choice over the convicted felon awaiting sentencing that the ghost of the Republican Party, beset by almost endless serious internal conflicts, will nominate in July.  

Joe Biden represents a growing economy, women's rights, maintenance of our economic/social safety net (Medicare, Affordable Care Act, Social Security, etc.), strong alliances with European and Asian allies, and most of all, healthy representative democracy, as his willingness to compromise on key issues, such as immigration and Gaza, indicates.  When did you last encounter a Republican who was willing to compromise?

The other guy aspires to be an undemocratic despot, promising retribution for those he still believes, in his insanity, stole the 2020 election from him and persecuted him in the Manhattan courtroom where a jury unanimously found him guilty of 34 felonies.   It's time all of the president's supporters make clear their preference.  They should speak out loudly:  I'm Not Hidin' ... I'm For Biden'.  In fact, here's a suggested flyer modifying the one in the prior posting of Jackspotpourri.  What do you think? Should I put it in my car's rear window?


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Housekeeping on Jackspotpourri

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