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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

June 4, 2024 - Latest MAGA Lies About the Convicted Felon, Gaza, The Disgraced Party, a New Placard, a Look at a Convicted Felon in the Oval Office, and a Brilliant Column by Maureen Dowd


Here's What The 'Right' Had to Say About Trump's Conviction

Most Americans don't read daily newspapapers any longer, depending on the internet, conservative talk radio (mostly controlled by Sinclair) and TV to keep up with the news.  Fox News leads all TV news sources in viewership, so what they said about Trump's conviction cannot be ignored. Let's take a look at what the Fox 'pundits' were saying.

Primetime host Jesse Waters talked about his anger about the verdict, promising to “vanquish the evil forces that are destroying this republic.” 

'Personality' Jeanine Pirro suggested that Americans could react violently to the verdict because we are “fighters” and “revolution is in our DNA.” 

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld called the trial and the verdict a “conscious collusion of allies that came together with a private strategy to eliminate a common, shared adversary.” 

Laura Ingraham called on viewers to “turn this dark day into a time to recommit yourself to saving America from these vindictive, far-left tyrants.” 

Prominent Republicans, not only MAGA diehards, shared many of these opinions.  Florida Senator Marco Rubio likened the trial and its verdict to the actions of Fidel Castro when he seized power in Cuba, imprisoning or executing his opponents, implying that the trial and its verdict were similar actions.  Those in Congress and State offices who attack the New York verdict violate the oaths they took when assuming their offices, based on our nation being governed by laws rather than by individuals.  

Their eyes are closed to the fact that our laws resulted in Trump's conviction, based upon a jury's deliberation after a lengthy trial, during which the defendant did not even speak in his own defense.  It was all there before them every day on TV and in the newspapers!  

Trump and his supporters must recognize that there was nothing preventing that same jury from acquitting him, but that did not happen.  On the contrary, they found him to be guilty on all 34 counts. Many observers, including those who did not doubt his guilt, were astounded that the guilty verdict was so all-encompassing.  Some had even anticipated a 'hung' jury with one or more jurors holding out for acquittal.  Until that point, he had been protected by the assumption of innocence, but the verdict changed that, making him a convicted felon.  That is the way our system of justice, in following 'the rule of law,' works.  

This verdict in New York takes on great significance because Trump's supporters are making use of those same rules of law to delay and obfuscate actions in the other litigation in which he is involved (hiding classified documents in Mar-a-Lago, instigating the January 6 Capitol insurrection, attempting to change election results in Georgia, and the question of immunity for former presidents now before the Supreme Court) and in which the prosecutors have few alternatives other than to carefully follow how those rules of law are applied.  Trump supporters cannot have it both ways, choosing when to adhere to the rules of law, as they accept the rulings of Judge Cannon in Fort Pierce, and when they insult it as they do to Judge Merchan and the jury's verdict in New York.  They cannot have it both ways.

The reaction of the rest of us should be to vote against any candidate, on any ballot, anywhere, who refuses to follow that 'rule of law' on which our nation is based.  Most such candidates are Republicans. 

Specifically, any candidate who still stands with Trump, now a convicted felon, must be defeated.  These are the same kind of people who were Tories during the American Revolution and were Secessionists during the Civil War. They must be defeated.  It is that simple.


                                                *   *   *  

The Party of Disgrace

Not too many years ago a whiff of scandal would be enough to destroy a political career, despite Presidents Clinton and Kennedy having survived them to varying extents.  But never before have such incidents involved documented cash payments, bribery, and specific violations of statutory law as a New York State court found to be in the 'hush money' case against Donald John Trump!  

If that money had not changed hands, would Trump even have been elected in 2016?  Would the double-dipping into the scandals of that 'Access Hollywood' tape and Stormy's story have outweighed Trump's lies about Hillary's emails and put her in the White House?

What was once a respectable political party does not seem sufficiently bothered by this and plans on nominating Trump, now a convicted felon awaiting sentencing, as their presidential candidate, protesting that the trial and verdict were political in nature.  They believe that there are enough voters in this country willing to ignore thoroughly documented scandals and the verdict of a jury, acting in accordance with our nation's historic rule of law after a five-week trial.  They think voters are stupid.  

That the Republican Party thinks so little of the American voter is a disgrace to anyone associated with it.  It is no longer the Party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower, both Presidents Bush, or even Richard Nixon who had the self-respect to resign.  There has never been a disgrace on the political scene in this country to match that of today's Republican Party, even Andrew Johnson's betrayal of the memory of the assassinated Abraham Lincoln.   

(Nevertheless, it still might be too much to expect self-respecting Republicans to change their registration.)


                                                     *   *   *

Spread the Word!  Be Proud to Support Democracy! You're More Patriotic than They Are

I seem to see more signs, or even flags, on cars supporting the convicted felon who will be the Republican candidate for president in November than I do supporting President Biden and Democratic causes.  It might be because the Democratic Party does not include Florida as being among the crucial 'battleground' states and is not spending money here.  I don't buy into that theory so readily.  (I believe the vote of women for Amendment Four will bring victories for President Biden and for Debbie Muscarsel-Powell on its coattails in November, like a locomotive pulling a train.)

For a couple of years now, I have had a cardboard placard in my car's rear window reading 'Want an Assault Rifle?  Join the Army.' Thousands of motorists have seen it.  It's probably the only one in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami/Dade Counties.  Well, I've just replaced it with a new 'higher priority' placard that reads as follows:

You can copy this or just ask me to send you one. 
But let's not stop there.  Become creative.  Come up with your own slogans to similarly display.  They even can be used on a tee shirt!  Send them to the blog! We might even have a contest.  Here are some suggestions:

I'm not Hidin' ... I'm for Biden!

Don't Buy the Convicted Felon ... that Republicans are Sellin' 

Get the idea?  More on this to follow! 


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How Bad Would Another Trump Presidency Be?

A few days ago the New York Times published a piece by Peter Baker titled 'A Felon in the Oval Office Would Test the American System.'  Please find the time to read it.  View it via your browser at https://www.nytimes.com/2024/06/02/us/politics/trump-presidency-checks-balances.html  or by simply CLICKING HERE,  Baker offers no solutions but 'sets the table,' describing the constitutional and legal guardrails preventing a dictator from taking over, an extremely dangerous situation the nation might face.

History includes many incidents where wars take place when diplomacy fails.  That is almost axiomatic.  A corollary to that might be that violence happens when a nation's rules break down.  We cannot be blind to the threat of violence that would exist if President Biden defeats Trump in the election.  We had a preview of that on January 6, 2021.  (We have at least two Supreme Court Justices who seem to sympathize with the insurrectionists who invaded the Capitol that day.)  And if Trump actually wins the election, and proceeds to exact the retribution from his enemies of which he frequently speaks, do you think they will accept it lying down?  I do not.  Remember that some of those enemies of his are in the Armed Forces, whose Chief of Staff's execution he once suggested.  That is another avenue that presents a threat of violence. Baker doesn't go there but please, read the article. The 'guardrails' might be fragile.


                                                       *   *   *

Maureen Dowd's Verdict on the Sexist Supreme Court

Read her takedown of the SCOTUS.  It's at https://www.nytimes.com/2024/06/04/opinion/columnists/supreme-court-alito-flag.html  or JUST CLICK HERE.  


                                                       *   *   *

A Solution for Gaza Remains Elusive

There can be no solution in Gaza without both sides agreeing to a two-state solution for the Palestinians.  

The creation of a peaceful Palestinian state, alongside of Israel, is the only way that Hamas, and other violent groups believing in a Palestinian identity, can seriously be brought into the solution.  Othewise, Israel's destruction of every last Hamas fighter in Gaza will not solve the problem there because it is part of the greater Palestinian problem, not just a limited threat.  In accepting a two-state solution, Hamas and other similar groups and nations would be recognizing the permanence of the State of Israel, something many of them presently oppose, instead still advocating its eradication.

In Israel, the idea of an expanded Israel with its ancient biblical borders, encompassing what would be the territory of such a Palestinian state (as approximately laid out in the UN's 1947 'partition' map) must be abandoned, including territory lost to Israel in the Arabs' unsuccessful 1967 war. Many Israelis, especially those who have settled beyond Israel's present political borders in that territory, presently oppose that.

Strongly held opinions among Palestinians and Israelis for worthless one-state solutions favoring their side cannot be allowed to prevent a solution from coming about, even if it requires changes in pro-Palestinian leadership in the Muslim world and changes in the government of Israel.  I believe it will come about but only when both of these changes take place.


                                                       *   *   * 

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