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Friday, October 27, 2023

October 27, 2023 - Guns


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Here is the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Read it carefully.

‘A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.’

We have a problem with gun violence in this country as again demonstrated on Tuesday in Maine, a problem that halfway measures will not solve. It comes from the proliferation of dangerous weapons allowed by a gross misinterpretation of that Amendment by the Supreme Court.  

The original intent of the Second Amendment in 1789 was to gain support for the new Constitution by the slaveholding States.  It assured them that they would not remain unarmed if the new federal government’s army ever took action against their economic bedrock, slavery.

In D.C. vs Heller in 2008, the Supreme Court ruled that the final 14 words of the Amendment can stand alone and not be tied to its first 13 words, which originally enunciated the Amendment’s purpose. This, and subsequent SCOTUS decisions resulted in the proliferation of guns, including military style assault weapons, and thousands of deaths over the years since 2008 in this country. 

It is time to address this problem, and not in a half-way manner, such as blaming mental health issues or waiting periods on gun purchases.  The best solution would be a repeal of the Second Amendment and its replacement by one more realistically worded.  That, unfortunately, according to the Constitution’s provisions, would take broad congressional and State approval and take many decades to bring about. We do not have time for that.

The best answer rests with the Supreme Court.  Because its size is not mandated by the Constitution, the President, with the approval of the Senate, can appoint additional Justices.  Four more would effectively balance the SCOTUS, the majority of whose Justices either voted for the  misinterpretation back in 2008 or have been since appointed and have chosen not to challenge opinions based upon it.  Only then, with an expanded Supreme Court, can there be an attempt to eliminate gun violence in this country.

This would open the way to a SCOTUS decision (a) banning civilian possession of military assault weapons but still (b) allowing civilians to possess weapons for use in hunting, sports activities, and personal or business protection, all within careful federal, rather than State, guidelines.  State legislatures, hotbeds of political rivalries, cannot be trusted in regard to this subject. Maine, for example, had few if any gun control regulations.  This is too important to leave to the States.  Lives are at stake.

Four steps are necessary on your part to accomplish this:

1.  Writing to President Biden and your Senators demanding expansion of the Supreme Court by at least four new Justices.  Do it today.

2.  Donating to organizations presently working hard to curtail gun violence. Two of them are Giffords.org and Bradyunited.org, both named for public servants who were the victims of gun violence.  Do it today.

3.  And most important of all, your personal and continuing involvement is required.  (Step 4 will follow in a few paragraphs.)

That involvement would include talking to people about the necessity of gun control, as discussed above.  Talk about Parkland, Uvalde, Sandy Hook, Lewiston, Buffalo, El Paso, etc., massacres that might have involved them or their children or relatives if they had been on the scene.  All of the arguments are on your side, with only the misinterpretation of the Second Amendment on the side of those opposed to gun controls.  Be careful though.  Many who oppose gun controls also harbor anti-government sentiments, which they feel justifies their being armed.

Personally, ever since the tragic shootings at nearby Marjorie Douglas High School in Parkland in 2018, I have been doing two things.

First, I still have a tee shirt from a demonstration I attended at the time, reading ‘Grandparents Against Assault Weapons.’  I wear it on days like yesterday, when there is a shooting in the news, as took place in Lewiston, Maine. People see it and raise a fist in agreement.  They should do more.  They don’t.

Also for the past five years, since Parkland, I have had a sign in my car’s rear window reading ‘Want an Assault Rifle?  Join the Army.’  I believe it is the only such sign in Palm Beach and Broward Counties, where people just don’t seem to care.  Some have given me dirty looks but there has not been any tire slashing nor ‘keying.’  Here’s what it looks like:


Make a copy.  (Copy and paste the words above as a document, save it, print it out and then) mount it on a piece of cardboard and put where it can be seen through your car’s rear window.

The Fourth Step:  Please pass this message on to about a dozen friends, neighbors, or relatives, people to whom you do not usually forward messages.  It is that important that the word be spread.  And do that today.



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