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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Refocusing on the Coronavirus, a Video and Trump's "Double Whammy"

Dwarfed by the protests over the past week emphasizing that Black Lives Matter is the ongoing threat posed by the Coronavirus.  Because it is no longer a page one item in your newspaper  (if you read one which I recommend you do) does not mean it is no longer a threat!  

Rioting and unfortunately, looting by criminals as pictured below at a high-end shop , has given the President a diversion from his horrid approach to the Coronavirus danger.  It puts a weapon in his hands.  We, and law enforcement agencies, must distinguish between legitimate protesters and common theives as shown below.

The rioting will eventually end and there will be steps taken, or at least initiated, to control police behavior in regard to people of all colors, increased educational opportunity, job training and financial assistance to enable those now enchained by poverty to realize, regardless of skin color, the American dream, as it has been shown, accurately or not, on TV and movies and in advertisements over the past half century.  This will happen.  A Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress and a Democratic president will make it happen.  But it will not happen overnight.  It will take years, perhaps generations.
You Must Vote (but observe social distancing, not like the picture).
If you are not registered to vote, send me an email and I'll tell you how
to proceed, if you are a Florida resident.

But the Coronavirus will remain.

They are very hard to pin down and document, but here are some conclusions I have drawn about the Coronavirus.

1.    Everyone who has been infected by it can, for an uncertain length of time, infect others.  We do not really know, in the absence of reliable testing, who is or is not infected.  Even then, their status regarding infection can change overnight.  This is regardless of whether they manifest any symptoms (high temperature, cough, fatigue, etc.) caused by the virus, or whether they have been tested.   I repeat, this applies to everyone, and is why physical distancing, handwashing, avoidance of crowds, wearing a mask are encouraged and sometimes even mandated.  We do not know how much these steps have reduced the spread of the Coronavirus from what it is.  Experts say they have.

2.    Another area which is rarely discussed is the effect of being infected has on an individual, other that their being capable of passing on the virus.  Some manifest no symptoms whatsoever.  Some manifest mild symptoms for a brief period and think nothing of it.  Some treat their symptoms as no more than a cold.  Most of these people recover, but often States include their numbers (if there is testing done, and they are found to be 'positive') among those who have are counted among those who have contracted the disease.

3.    For some, the symptoms persist and get worse, leading to possible hospitalization and even death, for some, from the virus.  This is a full-blown Covid19 infection.  We do not know who among those infected at any level will end up in this category, but the number of deaths now exceeds 105,000.

 The President, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Brix, the CDC head and the others who used to address these problems do not do that anymore.  That’s because the President wants it that way to enhance his re-election possibilities.   The riots are a great diversion for him from the Coronavirus threat, which he never fully faced up to, concentrating on “reopening” the economy, hindered by the restrictions mentioned above instead.   Just as he was incapable of dealing with the Coronavirus, Trump is incapable of dealing with the riots and most importantly, the conditions which caused them.  This “double whammy” ought to suffice to get him out of the White House in November.  

Beware of any efforts to hamper that election, such as restrictions on voting locations (due to the virus?) and on “vote by mail” opportunities.  The President will do that … and if he loses, he will contest the result as fraudulent.  Beware!

And keep washing your hands!  And physical distancing, too!

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