Friday, June 7, 2019

Musings About Trump

So What’s Gonna Happen with Fatso

Notice how obese the President looked in formalwear at the Queen’s dinner.  Without an unbuttoned overcoat to hide his ever-expanding tummy, he is fast approaching the dimensions of our twenty-seventh president, William Howard Taft, who presently holds the distinction of having been our “fattest” chief executive.  (Taft's fatness did not extent to his brain, however.  He later went on to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, something which never, ever, would happen to Trump.)

No. 45 Challenges No. 27 for the Title
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Our idiot-President’s latest move, making travel to Cuba more difficult for Americans, is just another step to ensure that Cuba becomes more and more dependent upon China and Russia than they already are.   Their government may be communist (even more so than are China‘s or Russia’s) but their people are our friends, many with relatives in this country, and are the key to our ultimately having an ally, despite their Marxist economics, rather than a supposed menace only ninety miles from our shores.   I’ve been there and I know that for a fact.

And putting tariffs on imports from Mexico, which will be paid by American consumers because tariffs force importers to raise prices on what Americans purchase, is also stupid.  Using economic tools such as tariffs as leverage in trying to achieve political goals is bad policy, but fully understandable when an idiot like Trump is the one who does it.  (I question whether he ever set foot in Fordham University or the University of Pennsylvania where faculty and most students know better.)

Initially, Trump “makes nice” with people in trying to get his way.  Failing that, he attacks and insults them and if that doesn’t work, he sues them.  Such tactics may work fine in the world of real estate developers and investors who just use temporary ownership of property as a quick way of making money, but they don’t work in government.  All this is evident to anyone with at least half a brain, which excludes many Republicans in both Houses of Congress.  Their hunger for the votes of the unmovable Trump supporters amounts to a self-performed partial lobotomy.

What’s gonna happen?  As I read the actual Mueller Report in depth, the eternal optimist in me suggests that the testimony of witnesses which Trump and the Administration are preventing from appearing before Congressional committees, and the documents which they refuse to release, will all ultimately be available through Court orders which cannot be defied, or through impeachment hearings where they can no longer be sheltered.  They will be damning, as is the Mueller Report, to the President despite the lies he and his acolytes tell.

At that point, Trump’s paper-thin fa├žade will crumble before the public eye and the Senate Republicans, his only escape from impeachment, will turn against him. He will then resign and move to Moscow and open a chain of fast-food restaurants, to be called “McDonalds,” at which his Attorney-General, who is good at cleaning up, will be employed as a busboy.  (McDonalds will sue him in the Russian courts but lose.)

Of course, my eternal optimism does not always triumph, so don’t bet on this actually happening.  The unpredictable and often gullible American public may not think the way I do.   In which case, democracy will be dead in this country, having committed suicide and failed miserably as a political system. 
Jack Lippman

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