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Mueller Report Fallout, the Second Amendment and the King's Inglish

Bad News! --- Mueller Report Fallout and the Great American Dumbing-Down

Believe it or not, most American voters do not know what’s going on.  They do not know how democracy has failed them.  Most of them do not read a daily newspaper, and if they do, it’s not the New York Times nor the Washington Post (nor a paper which might carry some of their columnists.)  They watch TV, filled with mind-numbing garbage, and if they turn it to a news channel, it is more likely than not, Fox News.  Internet news sources are even worse.

Yes, they don’t know what’s going on, and just like they succumb to clever TV commercials, they swallow the sales pitch, filled with lies, that President Trump turns to any time he is near a microphone, TV camera or has his mobile phone in hand. 

Robert Mueller
Forget about the Mueller Report, which says that it can’t call the President a criminal, even though it might contain enough incriminating information which would justify other parts of the government proceeding in that direction.  I have read the Mueller report in detail and it doesn’t exonerate the President.  (I have a paperback version … cited in this blog’s most recent posting … in which the page numbers differ from the original, but which is otherwise identical with it.)   It leaves it to others to do what it did not have the power to do.  But most Americans, including many members of Congress, are unaware of that.  They do not know that the Report specifically did not exonerate the President of charges of obstruction. 

Current Cover of New Yorker Magazine Tells it All
They have been misled by the lies told by the President, the Attorney General, Mitch McConnell and the propagandists on Fox News.

Similarly, while Mueller doesn’t find any actual cooperation between the Trump campaign and the well-documented Russian program to interfere with our 2016 presidential election, it does document the campaign’s awareness of what the Russians were doing and repeated contacts, which while not reaching the level of cooperation, showed their extremely willing acceptance of Russian interference.

While “thanks for scratching my back, fellas, though I didn’t ask you to, but maybe I’ll scratch yours later” is not cooperation or the vague and undefined act of “collusion,” it certainly is not the equivalent of getting entirely off the hook, as the President and his supporting cast of liars have made the public believe.

Forget about the truth-sayers on MSNBC and CNN, 
MSNBC's Maddow
 who merely preach to the choir, gaining no converts.  If Congressional hearings, even if they include an impeachment attempt, reveal the whole sordid story … which is in the Report … it won’t make any difference.  Impeachment is certain to fail in the Senate because the Republican party there is no more than a stable of whores, paid off not with their pimps’ cash but by the Election Day votes of the Trump loyalists, who would support him even if he urinated and defecated naked on Fox & Friends for all to see. (That, my friends, is a step beyond shooting someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue.)

Unlike Nixon, Trump won’t let the bad press resulting from such hearings convince him to resign.  He would take it as a challenge and become more insulting and dishonest in what he says and does.  And the dumbed-down American public would eat it up!
            *   *   *   *
Those fearful of pure democracy, rather than its modified republican version, from ancient Rome and Greece to our own beloved Founding Fathers, recognized the danger of too broad an electorate, knowing that the votes of the ignorant and the gullible could be used to divert the noble direction of democracy.  That is what has happened here.  Read those words again.  They say it all.  Universal suffrage does not work in the cause of democracy in the absence of an educated electorate.  Andrew Jackson figured that out and it has reached its culmination with Donald J. Trump.

I am in the ninth decade of my life, so it doesn’t really matter to me.  I won’t be around to see it all crumble around us.  But you may.  Do what you can to save the nation.  Please.
Jack Lippman

Duh King’s Inglish

When the thirteen colonies declared their independence from Great Britain 243 years ago, they may have abandoned the King, but they didn’t abandon the King’s English.  Supposedly we still speak it, despite modifications brought about by the dumbing down of the American population.  Two examples:

One:  You can get a fine fast-food chicken sandwich at Chick-Fil-A, pronounced “chick-fil-ay” although the proper spelling of the piece of meat they are selling, and pronounce “fil-ay,” in the English language is “filet.”  The Chick-Fil-A people have decided to abandon the proper spelling of “filet,” a word borrowed from the French, and use a phonetic version instead.  They are catering to their market, the dumbed-down American people, who form their customer base. These folks know how to pronounce it, but not how to spell it.   I have yet to see a “fil-A mignon” on the menu in a steak house.  But Chick-Fil-A customers don’t visit steak houses.

Two:  I occasionally listen to hip-hop on my car radio.  One of today’s top hip-hop artists is ‘Drake’ who has a current hit called “Controlla.”   
He sings (personally, I do not consider hip-hop to be singing; it actually is a rhythmic reciting of poetry) about a relationship in which the woman seems to be making the decisions and is the “controller” in that relationship.  Knowing that many in his audience do not know how to spell or pronounce words correctly, Drake entitles the piece the way it sounds phonetically, changing the “er” ending of “controller” to a simple “a” which works fine with his sometime semi-literate audience.

Where am I going with this?  Well, do you think those who listen to Drake sing “Controlla” are at all concerned with voting, or in reading the contents of the Mueller report?  I think not.  And as for those munching on their Chick-Fil-A sandwiches (which are really good), I doubt if they will bother to read the Mueller report either, or even have the ability to do so.  They can’t spell so how can we expect them to read such a lengthy legal document?  (Note: Chick-Fil-A stores are closed on Sundays because the franchise’s top management people are devout Evangelical Christians, and some of their patrons eat there for this reason … which is another reason I don’t expect them to be eager to be exposed to the truths in the Mueller report. They’ve already made up their minds when they chose where to eat.)

 Another Shooting - (the Bloody Second Amendment)

This time a disgruntled employee shot up his government workplace in Virginia Beach.  Twelve dead.  It gets boring.  There is only one solution.  The Second Amendment must be repealed.  Reinterpretations of it by the Supreme Court won’t suffice and would be filled with loopholes.  There is no need for private militias any longer and using the Amendment to justify what amounts to unlimited possession of weapons is wrongful and dangerous.  The Second Amendment is covered with blood. To replace it, we should go for a new Amendment or State laws allowing weapons only for hunting, agricultural purposes, target shooting, personal protection and historic collectors, and then, only after extensive background checks.

Killing Tools are not Patriotic
This ought to take fifty or sixty years to accomplish, so count on at least that many more bloody massacres made possible by the bloody Second Amendment.  For this, Americans can thank the politicized Supreme Court and Presidents who use judicial appointments, even to the Supreme Court, as political tools.

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