Sunday, June 16, 2019

A Survey Where the Loser is the Winner!

Democrats sometimes lose the presidential electoral votes in states where they actually are a majority and should win.  The key is getting out the vote.  Even one percent more might be a significant difference.  See if the following hypothetical exercise helps you choose your choice for the Democratic presidential candidate.

It’s Election Day, it’s raining out and you haven’t yet voted early or by mail.  You probably will grab an umbrella and go out to vote for your favorite.  Fine.  But think about it this way.  With which one of the following leading candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination at the head of the ticket are you MOST likely to decide not to get your feet wet and stay home, skipping voting?  Hmm. Interesting question.  (Listed in alphabetic order).  The one who gets the fewest votes in this hypothetical survey should be the Democratic candidate. 

Other aspirants for the nomination are not included in this poll because none of them, really, have a large enough loyal following which would go out in the rain to vote for them.  I believe these five do, but some more than others … and that’s what this survey is all about.

___ Joe Biden
___ Pete Buttegeig
___ Kamala Harris
___ Bernie Sanders
___ Elizabeth Warren

Remember, the loser in this survey, the one with the fewest votes, WINS!

Note:  If you really want to participate in this survey, send me your choice as to which of these five, heading the 2020 Democratic ticket, would deter you from voting on a rainy 2020 Election Day. You know my email address. ( And remember, the candidate with the fewest votes in this hypothetical poll might be the one with the greatest chance of winning on Election Day.  They would get that elusive one percent to the polls.

Jack Lippman

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