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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

March 13, 2024 - An American Disgrace, Voting by Mail, Arming Ukraine, and the Truth About Rick Scott


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Living With History - Ukraine

It has been commented elsewhere that ‘Ukraine stands between an aggressive Russian dictator and a democratic Europe.'  I agree, and just as we recognized the importance of a democratic Europe to our own security in 1940, we should be doing so today.  That is why I am glad that President Biden has found a way to ship additional munitions to the struggling Ukrainians, despite the opposition of those who worship at the shrine of St. Donald of Trump.

The tragedy we face is that our defeated former president's often admiring attitude toward authoritarian rulers, like Vladimir Putin and Victor Orban, has spread to our Republican Party which knows that without his base’s support, they couldn't elect a dog catcher in Dubuque, nor most of their other candidates.  

As individuals, we must all do our part to work so that we are not counted among 'those who ignore history’ and ‘are forced to relive it,' as many philosphers, including George Santayana, have warned.


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An American Disgrace: Mitch McConnell

The online magazine ‘Slate’ recently published a revealing piece about the tremendous harm to the nation that was done by Mitch McConnell, who is still in the Senate but giving up his leadership role.  Visit https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2024/03/mitch-mcconnell-retire-trump-federal-judiciary.html to read it or CLICK HERE.

What the article reveals is enough to push Democrats to demand that President Biden, if he wins re-election in November and is blessed with Democratic majorities in both Houses of Congress, appoint four additional Justices to the Supreme Court!  Once that is accomplished, cases involving abortion, gun violence, voting rights, and business regulation ought to be navigated to the SCOTUS taking America’s judiciary out of the hands of those who have lost touch with the American people! 

McConnell knew a conservative judiciary without term limits was a more potent and more permanent tool in governing than winning control of Congress and the presidency.  The Founding Fathers never envisioned this when they wrote the Constitution!  Something must be done to  change things on the SCOTUS, and restore the balance between the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of our government.

Meanwhile, our judiciary, that at its lower and appellate levels mostly recognizes the lawless behavior of our defeated and indicted former president, is being stymied by a SCOTUS that fails to recognize that ‘Justice delayed is Justice denied.’  That maxim has been stated in a variety of ways by William Penn, by Nineteenth century British prime minister William Gladstone, and of course by Martin Luther King from a Birmingham jail.  Again, the solution appears two paragraphs above in red.


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Voting by Mail – Why it is Crucial to Florida's Senate Race

Florida voters have gotten used to voting by mail.  It’s safe and simple.  But just because you might have done it in the past does not mean you can automatically continue to do so.  Current State election laws require you to renew your ‘voting by mail’ status before the next election in order to receive a ‘vote by mail’ ballot.  

If you vote in Palm Beach County, do it right now by visiting https://www.votepalmbeach.gov/Voters/Vote-By-Mail or by CLICKING HERE.   For those who do not want do it online, they can sign up for vote-by-mail by calling (561) 656 6208.  In other Florida counties, visit the website of your Supervisor of Elections or call them. 

The simplest argument for voting by mail is that the weather may be terrible, or you might not feel well, on Election Day.  Don't take that chance!

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Why Rick Scott Must be Defeated and Your Role

Voting is particularly important in 2024 because some knowledgeable pundits, despite polls that disagree with one another and change from week to week, are coming around to believe America will re-elect a Democratic president and turn the House ‘blue’ in November but are not quite so sure about the Senate. I'm not a 'pundit' but that's also what I believe. That’s why it is important for clear-thinking Floridians to vote for Debbie Muscarsel-Powell to replace Florida Senator Rick Scott in the Senate to insure a Democratic majority there. 

Six years ago, Scott won by only 10,033 votes, state-wide, so defeating him is very attainable in view of his stand on abortion, and for seniors (even independents and Republicans), Scott’s historic opposition to Medicare and Social Security which he wanted to put up to a vote in Congress every five years should be the clincher. 

Currently, Republicans are trying to lie their way out of his originally having taken that position.  The truth is that Scott’s ’12 Point Plan’ to ‘Rescue America’ originally contained these words,We will eliminate all federal programs that can be done locally.’  Specifically, on page 19 of the 31 page detailed description of his plan, Scott provided that “All federal legislation sunsets in 5 years. If a law is worth keeping, Congress can pass it again.”  I’m not making this up.  It comes directly from Scott.  Read on!

That encompasses a lot of laws to ‘sunset’!  Among the many federal laws on the books is one called the Social Security Act.  You’ve heard of that?  This law was originally passed in 1935 to create Unemployment Insurance, Aid to Dependent Children (cash welfare for widows and orphans --- later extended to cover all poor single women with children renamed Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), and Old Age and Survivors Pensions (what is commonly thought of today as Social Security.”). That law has 21 separate ‘titles’ enumerating its many benefits. Included in the current law is an entire section covering Medicare which is administered by the Social Security Administration. (Medicare was passed as an amendment to the Social Security Act in 1965.) Scott especially wanted to get his paws on that. 

The Very Replacable Senator Scott

Before Rick went into politics, he was the CEO of a hospital chain which carried out the largest Medicare fraud case in the program’s history.  An artful dodger, he wasn’t personally charged, but this should give you an idea of where he was, and still is, coming from.

When saner Republicans realized the politically suicidal nature of eliminating such programs, which already had their MAGA wing drooling with glee, Scott’s program-cutting ‘plan’ was amended in February, 2023, to specifically exclude Medicare, Social Security, and Veterans benefits from what he would get rid of as Federal programs. Scott claimed at that time that he never had intended to include them in what he would eliminate from Federal management.  But that is not what it originally had said!  Words have meaning.  Even for Republicans.  And I believe that is what is still in his head!

Republicans are trying to lie their way out of his originally having taken that position.  In fact, when President Biden, not one for missing an opportunity to ‘strike back,’ during his State of the Union address, mentioned this cruel Republican attempt at ‘sunsetting’ Medicare and Social Security every five years, the pious liar sitting in the House Speaker’s chair repeatedly shook his head negatively, like a child’s wind-up  toy.

If there is any need to ‘Rescue America,’ it is from Republican leadership in Congress, which puts a higher priority on keeping the support of the defeated and indicted former president than addressing such pressing issues as the wars in Ukraine and Gaza, our Southern border, and seeing that those who rioted on January 6, 2021 and the inciter of that attack on the Capitol, are punished.  And of course, America must be rescued from the likes oFlorida’s Senator Rick Scott, and that is what Debbie Muscarsel-Powell’s campaign is all about.

For more information about Florida’s next Senator, Debbie Muscarel-Powell, just visit https://www.debbieforflorida.com/ or just CLICK RIGHT HERE! 

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Salt Shortage?

There is a looming shortage of salt in this country right now because most Americans are using it up rapidly, taking ‘a grain of salt’ with anything and everything a Republican politician might say!  Proverbially, anyway.


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