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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

January 31, 2024 - DJT is Nothing, Lincoln in 1838, the Uneducatable, Joe's Accomplishments, and a Suggested Boycott


Donald Trump is Nothing!’ - A Melting Iceberg

There are at least two sides to most political and economic issues ... and Republicans and Democrats usually have opposing positions.  I believe that the positions of Democrats are more in the best interests of the American public than those of the Republicans.  But that is not what I am about to address.

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Democrats have a tougher job presenting their ideas because before getting through to the nuts and bolts of their arguments, and hopefully reaching a bi-partisan compromise, they must first expend their energies working through the layers of lies and plotting which the Republican Party, led by the defeated and indicted forty-fifth ex-president, wrap around their arguments, which sometimes, when finally revealed, turn out to be nothing more than just opposition, without anything constructive about them. 

Democrats in Congress and elsewhere, before even getting to the real issues, have been forced to wade through this morass, wasting their resources, challenging lies and fighting MAGA intrigues.  Leaving it to the courts to resolve, that in our system of justice always tries to be fair to defendants, often benefits Donald Trump and his acolytes. Just look how they have used the courts to slow down the wheels of justice. For example, it will be years before litigation stemming from Trump’s theft of government documents is resolved.

The answer:  At this point, Democrats must concentrate on tearing down Trump's image.  Doing that is more important than the political and economic issues on the table, which tend to hold people’s attention only momentarily.  

A day should not go by without Democrats pointing out that he is a scoundrel, thief, liar, philanderer, and who is presently under indictment by grand juries for numerous crimes committed against the laws of the United States and of several States. He must be demonized so that his lies and MAGA intrigues are shattered in the eyes of those who still believe in him. 

Only then will Democrats be able to return to arguing about issues with their Republican opponents, who would no longer be able to hide behind a shattered Donald Trump.

This may not be as enormous a task as it seems because Trump is very successful at demonizing himself with his own words and actions, increasingly illustrating how unhinged from reality he has become.  That must be hammered home to those who still support him.

And as it melts, he drowns

Confusing Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi and fulminating about her choice of dresses were only hints at his dementia, the top of the melting iceberg that is Donald Trump.  Rather than wasting energy contradicting his lies and trickery in regard to individual issues, Democrats should ‘go for the jugular’ and totally shatter his image first.  Then the dying Republican Party would have no place to hide.

Trump’s ‘melting’ continued this past week with E. Jean Carroll winning her sexual assault lawsuit against Trump in which a jury awarded her $83,000,000.  Ms. Carroll, an author and magazine columnist, drove home the importance, not only of her lawsuit and its significance to all women, but of its shattering Trump’s image and reputation as well.

To the world (on Rachel Maddow’s TV show), as a successful litigant, she proudly announced that ‘Donald Trump is nothing.  We need not be afraid of him.’   The sooner America realizes this, the better off the nation will be, leaving it  to historians to document the damage to democracy this ‘big nothing’ did bring about.

‘Donald Trump is nothing.  We need not be afraid of him.’ 


 *   *   *

In 1838, Lincoln Saw the Problem

The other day, Heather Cox Richardson (in her ‘Letters From an American’ daily posting) wrote about a young Abraham Lincoln’s ‘Lyceum’ address in 1838, more than two decades before the Civil War.  Lincoln felt that the passions of Americans that had fueled the nation’s independence and growth were no longer needed in those roles and seemed to be turning in less noble directions, criticizing our own government, with the English no longer available as a target. Basically, he said it was time to ‘cool it,’ using the phrase ‘sober reason.’  These were his words, referring to what was that period’s MAGA movement.  (They called themselves ‘Know-Nothings.) These words are still pertinent today:

“The Founders had used their passions to create a system of laws, but the time for passion had passed, lest it tear the nation apart. The next generation must support democracy through “sober reason,” he said. He called for Americans to exercise ‘general intelligencesound morality, and in particular, a reverence for the constitution and laws.

Makes sense, and he became president 21 years later, but those passions still tore the nation apart then, as it threatens to do again today. We cannot let that happen, as a glance back at history teaches us.

In 1861, the South's slave owners rallied the passions of the residents of what became the Confederacy by stoking their fears of the Federal government's disturbing the expansion of the basis of their economy, slavery.

Similarly, today's Republican Party stokes the passions of Americans with fears that out-of-control immigration will disturb their way of life. That is why, as ordered by their likely presidential candidate, they oppose the Senate's and President Biden's initially bi-partisan efforts to finally control immigration. They prefer a crisis over immigration as the only campaign issue left to them, since they've already lost the battle over abortion in the minds of the nation's voters.  I suspect that after November, what remains of the G.O.P. will just be a part of a new Whig party, along with the fascists and libertarians.

But crucial to this all happening is the shattering of the already melting image of Donald Trump that Ms. Carroll correctly characterized by saying : 

‘Donald Trump is nothing.  We need not be afraid of him.’ 


 *   *   *


How Do We Educate the Uneducatable?

If you read ‘real’ newspapers, you should know the score regarding what is going on in the world around us.  The identity of  the troublemakers, internationally and domestically, is no secret.

I believe that if we were to come up with solutions for the war in Ukraine, for the Palestinians, for the immigrants on our Southern border, and most other problems that we face, doing so would remove weapons currently used by those who want to perpetuate these crises to gain supporters for their own nefarious aims. Real solutions would leave them weaponless.

The ’Uneducatable’ - Yet there are many millions of Americans who absolutely refuse to connect the dots which lead to today's Russia, Iran, their non-state followers like Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis, as well as to the present leadership of the Republican Party, right here in the United States, that shamelessly play politics with the future of democracy.  

As a result, too many Americans are functionally ‘uneducatable.’ That is because they have one thing in common.  They view everything through a rear-view mirror, afraid to think about any changes the future might bring.  Thus, they end up supporting those whose aims are to perpetuate, not resolve, crises.

But they cannot be ignored because in many States, they are a majority, whose votes affect the Electoral College and enable gerrymandering of congressional districts. That is the problem we face.  

And guess who the chief purveyor of those rear-view mirrors is! Must we just wait for the iceberg referred to earlier in this posting to melt down to a puddle? 

Do you have an answer?  Let’s hear it!  E. Jean Carroll, as cited above had one. ‘Donald Trump is nothing.  We need not be afraid of him.’  Time to spread that truth! 

‘Donald Trump is nothing.  We need not be afraid of him.’


 *   *   *

Joe Biden’s Accomplishments

Don’t take my word for them.  Check out Simon Rosenberg’s ‘Hopium Chronicles’ (especially the Jan. 29 posting) to be enlightened!  Find them at https://www.hopiumchronicles.com/ or just CLICK HERE.


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Boycott Targets?

If any ‘captains of industry’ (or just plain consumers) who might follow this blog object to the ridiculous 'State's Rights' crap coming out of Texas governor Abbott’s mouth, they might consider boycotting some of the businesses headquartered in the Lone Star State.  Some have competitors elsewhere who understand that immigration law is a federal, and not a State, area of governance. For a list of the top 25 Texas-based Fortune 500 companies, check out  https://www.concordia.edu/blog/top-25-fortune-500-companies-headquartered-in-texas.html or just CLICK HERE.

Obviously, consumers or local entities don’t deal directly with most of them but they still might find other, non-Texas-based competitors of these companies where they can spend their money.  Numbers 1,2,3,7,10,12,19, and 23 on the list might fit in this category.


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