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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

November 21, 2023 - A Missing Posting Revisted, a Thanksgiving Gift Idea, and Quarterbacks in the Transfer Portal


Thanksgiving Greetings

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A Missing Posting

Somewhere along the way I must have accidentally deleted the posting on Jackspotpourri of November 8, 2023, a posting in which I had proposed a solution for the Israel-Palestinian conflict along with a resolution of the war on the Gaza Strip.  A follower of the blog had suggested that I send it to our Secretary of State, which I eventually did, once I dug up a good email address for him.  But after that, the actual posting was erroneously deleted, a few days after it went out to the blog’s followers, along with a few other mid-November postings.  I have now ‘reconstructed’ it.  It appears below, italicized.

(I suggest readers of Jackspotpourri first review the postings of October 18, 2023 and November 3, 2023, accessible from the archives off to the right, for some very important background information.)

To the best of my recollection, here is the substance of that missing November 8 posting, a posting that logically followed these two earlier postingsTo some, it might appear controversial.

‘The only real solution to the Israel-Hamas war is to bring about a solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, which underlies the motivation for Hamas’ October 7 attack, and other efforts over the years by Palestinians and neighboring Arab states aimed at destroying the State of Israel.

In 1947, the United Nations partitioned the former British Mandate in Palestine into what were supposed to be two nations, an Israeli state (which was established by the UN in 1948) and a Palestinian state.

Palestinian refusal to accept that partition, with the support of neighboring Arab nations, resulted in Israel taking over the entire former British Mandate after its victories in wars in 1948 and in 1967, both Arab-initiated wars that had been intended to destroy the State of Israel, but which failed.  This left Israel in possession of ‘occupied territories’ chiefly consisting of the Gaza Strip (which Egypt had seized), and the West Bank (which Jordan had seized), many of whose residents had fled, expecting to return shortly after Arab victories that never occurred. 

For security purposes, the State of Israel has not discouraged Israelis from settling in those ‘occupied territories, comprising the West Bank and including East Jerusalem. I see the ‘settlements’ built there at as one of the obstacles to a two-state solution,  Removing that obstacle, along with a full acceptance by Palestinians of the existence of the State of Israel, must be part of ending the Israeli-Hamas war.  Otherwise, these obstacles will flare up again with violence elsewhere.

Proposed 1947 United Nations
Map of Palestine Partition 
(Original two-state solution)

The solution I propose would be a two-state solution, whereby the land intended be a Palestinian state by the UN back in 1947, would be used for that purpose.  For that to happen, I pointed out that:

1.   Hamas must first be destroyed because of its stated purpose of destroying the State of Israel.  Nothing gets done until that is accomplished.

2.   Once that is permanently accomplished, and a government with UN backing put in charge of the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian state can be formed with a government agreeable to a two-state solution in tandem with Israel.  If possible, the Palestinian Authority which cooperates with Israel on the West Bank might fill that role.  Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip would be financed by neighboring Arab states.

3.   Israel would cease allowing new ‘settlements’ on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem and those already there would be removed incrementally over a twenty-year period.  The Israeli government would finance the resettlement of Israelis living there to locations within the State of Israel.

4.   This would provide the land for the Palestinian state envisioned in 1947, and provide a place to which Palestinian refugees who fled after the unsuccessful attempts to eliminate Israel in 1948 and 1967, might return.

5.   The Palestinian state, while policing itself, would not have a military force.

6.   There would be no restrictions on access to the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem by Muslims or Jews.

7.   Any attempts to attack the State of Israel by Palestinians or outside Muslim nations would immediately cancel this entire arrangement.  That is why it must be accomplished incrementally, over twenty years, a period during which there would be ongoing negotiations between the two states.’

Right now, I suspect that the Palestinian Authority would be able to work with such a proposal, as would the people of Gaza, once Hamas were destroyed. 

Unfortunately, until there is a change in the right-wing government currently in power in Israel, I do not think Israel would go along with these steps, particularly as they pertain to the ‘settlements.’  That position may eventually be changed because, in my opinion, a majority of Israelis desire a ‘two-state’ solution and will vote for a government which agrees with that.’ 

                                                  *   *

Any other ‘one-state’ solution means accepting the goals of Hamas or of those in Israel who envision a return to Israel’s exclusionary biblical borders, either course guaranteeing continued conflict.


 *   *   *

The Transfer Portal for Quarterbacks Only

I have often written in Jackspotpourri about how the ‘transfer portal’ is ruining college football and ought to be ended.  Let me modify that a bit:

The one position that requires the kind of college level experience that only the ‘transfer portal’ provides is that of quarterback.

Recruiting from high schools provides an adequate supply of offensive and defensive linemen, linebackers, receivers, and running backs … but that is not true for the quarterback position. 

That role demands experience in managing a team’s offense at the college level, a whole different level from that in which they may have excelled in high school.  It is owed to the rest of a team that their quarterback’s role should not be one of a ‘learning experience’ amounting to ‘on the job’ training.

To document this, here is a summary of the quarterbacks in major college football today who started at another school and ended up where they are via the ‘transfer portal’ within this past year.  (Ones like Oklahoma’s Dillon Gabriel, a Heisman Trophy possibility, transferred in earlier years, starting out at the University of Central Florida.)

Be sure to note the number of ‘Power Five’ teams that acquired their quarterbacks that way.  The numbers are astonishing! 

To check them out, visit https://www.on3.com/transfer-portal/top/football/2023/?position=qb or simply CLICK HERE.


 *   *   *

Invited for Thanksgiving Dinner?

A recent New York Times article suggested three great ideas for 'what to bring' for your Thanksgiving dinner hosts.  Rather than the usual wine or flowers, they suggested either (1) an apron indicating you were ready to pitch in with serving, (2) plastic containers to take home leftovers, or (3) an instant spot remover pen for those drips on clothing or tablecloths.

(The illustration up on top of this posting is the famous Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover.)


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