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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

01/10/2023 - Messaging, Children with Guns, and the D.E.I. Movement,


Political Matters

Jeffries spelled out the differences between Democrats
and Republicans with one for every letter of the alphabet

If more Democratic candidates had campaigned the way Hakeem Jeffries spoke Saturday morning as Kevin McCarthy took over the House speakership, perhaps there still might be a Democrat in that position. But assuredly, there will be in 2024, as the Republicans return to their MAGA ('Make America Gullible Again') pitch, devoted to the demolition of government, rather than its successful operation for the benefit of the country. 

If Americans are not yet wise to Republican bullshit by now, we deserve whatever we get, and it will just take a little longer for sanity to return to government.  The 'clown show' they witnessed on TV last week should help.  Meanwhile, it’s time to hunker down and figure out a way to personally survive until the 2024 elections, by which time the American people, sick of a government crippled by a House of Representatives that doesn’t give a damn about their interests, will have realized how stupid it is to elect Republicans to any office whatsoever, nationally or locally. 

With that in mind, don’t fail to read, and digest, the ideas for ‘messaging’ later on in this posting.


                                      *   *   *   *

Ready, Aim, Fire … 

With Graham Crackers and MiIk

I read where a Virginia six-year old brought a handgun to school and wounded his teacher on Friday.  It’s just another name to be added to the lengthy list of victims of gun violence, too many dead, made possible by the late Justice Antonin Scalia (and those Justices who voted with him), who wrote the 2008 Supreme Court opinion (DC vs. Heller) eliminating the first thirteen words of the Second Amendment and specifically allowing handguns to be kept around the house, allegedly for protection (and poorly supervised little kids to take to school).   Like Lady Macbeth, the blood cannot be washed from these Justices’ hands.  Forever.



                               *   *   *   *

The Name of the Game – Messaging!

A follower of Jackspotpourri who recently commented on the differing views of those who want to preserve democracy in the United States and those whose actions make it clear that they want to diminish it, went on to say that the real challenge is about how well each side proceeds with its ‘messaging’ of their positions. 

One side makes tremendous use of social media, conservative talk radio, and TV outlets such as FoxNews, Breitbart, Newsmax, OAN, and others.  The other side, somewhat constrained by trying to be honest, is not quite so successful in their ‘messaging.’  That’s why there are Republican majorities in the House and many State legislatures.  ‘Constructive’ messages are not as dramatic as ‘destructive’ ones.  And also, it is not only a question of the messages’ content, but to whom it is directed, and hopefully received, as well.

This is where you can come in and be a part of that messaging effort.  You can make it succeed for the side I hope you are on.  Become a ‘messenger.’

I recently forwarded a posting from Professor Heather Cox Richardson’s daily ‘Letters from an American,’ to half a dozen friends asking that each of them do the same and tell those to whom they were in turn forwarding it to do the same.  In this way, a message can reach many recipients.  I hope it did.

Let’s continue that approach.  It is really very simple and easy.  Here is what I am asking YOU to do. 

1.  Make sure that you access Professor Richardson’s posting, ‘Letters from an American,’ every day.  I do, and recommend that you also do.  You can find it at https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/ and receive it automatically every day. (It’s free unless you want to join the thousands who can comment on it each day.  But you don’t have to do that.)  Its content is a daily review of the news aimed at those who support the role of our government as existing for the benefit of the people, in the sense that the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address describes.

2.  At the close of each of her postings is a box marked ‘Share.’  If you click on that, you can list as many as ten email addresses to which you would like the posting forwarded.  Be sure to add a brief message saying something like ‘If you agree, please forward this to ten friends and relatives, by clicking on the ‘Share’ box provided.’ 

3.  Insert their email addresses and then click the ‘send’ symbol.

4.  Summing up, I am asking you to read Professor Richardson’s posting every day and make it a routine to forward it to others via its ‘Share’ box at least three or four times a week, urging them to similarly forward it.  Send it to people you don’t usually send email toAnd if they forward it on to others, as you must ask them to do, our message can reach out exponentially to many. Professor Richardson’s postings are an excellent vehicle to accomplish this.  It is how we can individually help win the battle of messaging.  You can make it happen.

CLICK HERE to get to ‘Letters from an American.’  Or just copy it on your browser line:  https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/


                               *   *   *   *

Georgia 65, TCU 7

The highlight of the college football playoff was the attractive Mollie McGrath, whose presence doing sideline interviews, may have kept some viewers from shutting off their TVs after the first quarter of Georgia’s pummeling of Texas Christian, a team that was overly ‘Christian’ in turning the other cheek, begging for more punishment, after repeated Georgia touchdowns.


                               *   *   *   *


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

I occasionally follow ‘The Free Press’ blog, managed by former New York Times editorial board member (she quit) Bari Weiss.  I frequently disagree with her and the contributors whose words the blog publishes. Nevertheless, she tries to be objective and honest, even when it hurts. 

The other day, a piece appeared on that blog dealing with ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.’  Basically, it addressed the practices of colleges and universities using criteria other than those based on academic excellence and achievement in forming its policies, including admissions and faculty hiring.  The Supreme Court will be considering some of these issues later this year.

CLICK HERE to read the article (or paste ‘https://www.thefp.com/p/how-dei-is-supplanting-truth-as-the’ on your browser line.

Let me know if it shakes your liberal tendencies and turns you in a rightward direction (liberals who do that are called ‘NeoCons.’)


                               *   *   *   *



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