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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Impeach, Convict and Exile!

**The Prezident

In recent postings, I have referred to the Prezident as a P.O.S. which I defined at one point as meaning “a piece of s _ _ t.”   I now realize that this was far too charitable an insult.  Nevertheless, it is time to deal with him on a more realistic basis.  His shortcomings are so evident that criticism of him need not be embellished by such emotional language, although I suspect that “profound ignorance” may still be right on the mark.

His behavior with Vladimir Putin, despite briefing materials provided to him by his staff, was a cowardly disgrace to our country, bordering on treason, disregarding and demeaning the work of our FBI, our Department of Justice and our CIA.   There was no strategic advantage for our country to be gained by his behavior.  Eighty years ago, Neville Chamberlain’s similar behavior toward Adolf Hitler was at least justified in the eyes of some as preserving “peace in our time” in Europe.  No such “value” was received by our Prezident in exchange for his sitting down with the Russian President.  By criticizing our intelligence agencies, he gave away even more than he did in his meeting with Kim Jong Un, from which he also returned empty-handed.

The only remaining explanation is that something exists which results in such acquiescence to the Russians and Vladimir Putin in particular.  It might be the unconfirmed salacious material in the oft-mentioned “dossier” or it might be some unresolved financial matters in the Prezident’s background.  His performance in Helsinki was vaguely reminiscent of that of American prisoners of war, cajoled by unknown threats or rewards, making anti-American statements at the behest of their captors during recent wars.  He acts like a man with a gun in his back, or someone, either figuratively or literally, caught with his pants down.

It is clear to most thinking people, even Republicans, that the Prezident deserves to be impeached by both Houses of Congress, and once out of office, possibly charged and tried for whatever laws he has broken.  If found guilty, rather than imprisonment, exile would be his logical punishment.  

Unfortunately, the Republican Party has tied its fate to the votes of the many Americans, some say as much as 40% of our electorate, who remain bedazzled by his showmanship, believe his numerous lies and sadly, sympathize with his not so subtle hints of bigotry as being acceptable.

All Republican candidates should be asked if they support the Prezident or are opposed to what he has done to government in the United States, with no room for fence-sitting nor equivocation in their response.  An honest answer will cost them the votes of that unshakable 40% who support the Prezident, and probably mean defeat for them at the polls.  A dishonest answer will make them complicit in his crimes, the least of which is his behavior in Helsinki, which by itself was a violation of his oath of office.  It is not a good time to be a Republican.

                                                       Has our Prezident lived up to this oath?
Yes, as his supporters say, “Make America Great Again,” but we must do so by getting rid of the Prezident!  Impeachment, conviction and exile are the solutions.

Well, that’s all there is to it, now, yesterday, last week and tomorrow.  All decent Americans should bend every effort to make sure the Prezident’s tenure in the White House is made as short as possible.  That means working hard to elect Democratic candidates, and Republican candidates as well who have come out strongly against his remaining in office.  

I will be working to re-elect a Democratic Senator in Florida and put a Democrat in the Florida State House.  Every thinking American should be doing the same kind of thing where they vote, and that means making phone calls, registering voters and knocking on doors.  Sure, there remains concern over gun violence, immigration, the environment, the economy, etc. but all of this must temporarily take a back seat to our efforts to send the Prezident back to his sleazy world of real estate peddling, if not exile.  Americans!  Roll up your sleeves and get to work now!

**Translation of title of this posting  is an Anglicized version of the Russian word “Президе́нт,” quite appropriate at this time  for our head of state!.


Jack Lippman

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