Monday, October 12, 2015

G.O.P. Demise Predicted 2 1/2 Years Ago Here, Thoughts on Ms. Charen, The Gun Violence Pledge and Much More

We Called It
In a posting on this blog back on April 16, 2014, I predicted the demise of the Republican Party before the middle of this century.  From that party's confusion in Congress in its efforts to choose new leadership now that a fed-up John Boehner has resigned as Speaker, it looks like that will happen much sooner.  We are 

  Boehner fed up with his right wing

witnessing the beginning of the G.O.P.'s death throes. Only state legislature-controlled gerrymandering keeps it in power in the House of Representatives and that will be changing far sooner than I predicted.  The American public can take only so much of this nonsense.  Here is my posting from 2 1/2 years ago.
Jack Lippman


G.O.P. Demise Predicted Before Mid-Century ... UNLESS

Ultimately, our country will enact some sort of immigration reform which to some extent will increase the number of Latino voters.  Given the G.O.P.’s refusal to actively push for and support such reform, this is likely to increase the number of Democratic voters nationwide.
In addition, poorer people recognize that the solvency of the Government’s “safety net” (unemployment insurance, supplementary nutritional aid, aid for dependent children, Medicaid and various other social programs) is generally fought for by Democrats and threatened by Republicans.  Hence, people on the lower end of the economic scale, many of whom are Black, tend to vote Democratic.  They also have a higher birth rate than Americans with higher incomes, which over the years will result in more voters from this demographic.

Taken together, these factors spell disaster for the Republican Party.  It may not happen this year, nor for another ten or twenty years, but sooner or later the Republican voter base will shrink to the point where it will not even be sufficient to control State Legislatures (which enable them to "gerrymander" Congressional districts), state houses, Congress itself and of course the ability to elect a President.  It's simply a matter of demographics. 

Republicans know this and many want to change their party’s position on these issues.  Other parts of the G.O.P. which do not want to make these changes seem to be calling the tune.  Their tactic, and it is the one the Republicans are following today, is to attempt to disenfranchise as many of the prospective Democratic voters discussed above by limiting early voting hours, making voter registration more difficult and under the guise of fighting non-existent voter fraud, demanding stricter voter identification documents at polling stations.


This is the last stand of the anti-spending, anti-gun control, anti-health care reform, anti-business regulation, anti-environment, anti-women’s rights Republican Party, otherwise devoted to preserving the wealth of the wealthiest of Americans.  The G.O.P. is certain to sink into the sunset along with the Whigs and Know-Nothings before mid-century UNLESS its position on social issues changes radically.


A Far, Far, Far Right-Wing Columnist Speaks Out

One of the columnists I least agree with is Mona Charen whose words invariably epitomize right-wing thinking.  Liberals should read her columns if only to better understand what fuels their “opposition.”  Her recent thoughtful column about suggestions that we reduce the number of those incarcerated in our federal and state prisons   was unusual in that she not only attacked Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders’ support of such a reduction, but she even disagreed with Charles Koch, Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul on this issue, none of whom have many fans on the left!  True, Ms. Charen was part of the Reagan White House team three decades ago, and was a speech writer for Jack Kemp (Bob Dole’s 1996 running-mate), but obviously, her right-wingedness has no limits.  In fact if she were a bird, she would only have one wing.



The Gun Violence Pledge and Some "Links"
Once again, here is the copy of my Gun Violence Pledge which was included in last week's posting.  As I then said, I have sent it to my Congressman and others who will be seeking public office at the highest levels in 2016.  It has since appeared in local newspapers here in Florida.  If you agree, please reproduce it (copy and paste and print) and send it to your Senate, Congressional  and Presidential aspirants!  There are far more of "us" than the mere five million members of the NRA.  Don't let them outshout us.   Let YOUR voices be heard.  Copy, sign and send out this pledge!!  Please do it today!  Now!  Don't put it off.

I pledge not to vote for any candidate in any election, statewide or national, primary or general, who will not agree to the following:

  1. Support of gun control legislation.

  1. Opposition to the National Rifle Association, and similar organizations such as those advocating "open carry," in every way possible.

  1. Support of national candidates who will appoint and confirm Supreme Court Justices who will properly interpret the Second Amendment in the manner its writers intended, which was to apply to state militia personnel, and not to the individual, personal right to keep and bear arms.

  1. Working toward changing the language of the Second Amendment so that it reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms when serving in the Militia shall not be infringed.” This is the language suggested by retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens in a recent book he has written.  The proposed change only involves the addition of five words.   
                              Signed  __________________________________________ 

  Gun violence victims were remembered at Cherry Creek State Park on Friday (credit: CBS)

For those interested in learning more about organizations advocating gun control, the following sources are available to you.  We appreciate the assistance of Rachel Mintz in compiling the following information.

There are many other ways to learn about and support programs which advocate gun control.  Reach out to organizations like The Brady Campaign.  You can find out more at by visiting their site where you also can become a volunteer:

You can also see if there is a local chapter of the Brady Campaign in your area at  There are many other organizations to which you can reach out such as  Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence,  Violence Policy Center,  Everytown  and so many more.


It can be useful to reach out to these organizations because many of them are in the trenches, so to speak, with lawmakers and aware of policy changes and upcoming bills. Many have direct access to lawmakers. They can also help people like us figure out who our local lawmakers are and provide scripts when calling or emailing.