Thursday, October 3, 2019

Grasping at Straws, Giuliani's Words and an Email to Two Senators

Grasping at Straws

The Republicans are grasping at straws which won’t be of much use when their ship is going down in the middle of the ocean.  I suspect that there might be enough patriotic Americans among the Republicans in the Senate to go along with impeaching the President and sending him on his way.  (Only 20 are needed.)  And if there are not, the American people will do so on Nov. 3, 2020, sending the Republican Party on their way along with him. 

Realization of this is what’s causing the frantic barrage of lies and attacks on Democrats you can find anytime on Fox News, on right-wing internet sites and of course from the President every time he gets near a microphone.  The President’s accusing a House Committee Chairman of “treason” and suggesting the Congressional hearings amount to a coup d’etat wouldn’t even qualify as a script for a high school drama club play.  Once Trump’s defenders recognize that the American public is not so stupid nor so gullible as they believe them to be, I hope enough of them will give up on him and to save their Party, go along with impeachment.  Watch and see. 

And as his ship sinks, just as the Pequod did when rammed by Moby Dick, Rudy Guiliani, William Barr, Mike Pompeo, Sarah Sanders, Steven Miller and the rest of his motley crew will be sucked down into the whirlpool of oblivion.  Probably, Trump will share Ahab’s fate.

But despite this, the 2020 election is not “in the bag” for Democrats … although by all logic and reason, it should be.  Kathleen Parker, in a recent Washington Post column wrote that “as the late GOP chairman and ruthless political operative Lee Atwater once told a political science student: Unless you can sell your message in two minutes at a truck stop, it was either wrong or wouldn’t work”  Parker concludes by saying that “for now, the Democratic Party message is still in the bottle.”

Marshall McLuhan, years ago, said that “the media IS the message,” which I take to mean that how you say something is more important than whatever it is you are saying.  This agrees with the Atwater quote above.

My recommendation to Democrats:  Devote your efforts to voter registration which is far more valuable a tool than the traditional Democratic strength of “preaching to the choir.”
 Jack Lippman

Rudy's Words

Rudy Guiliani, in explaining his connection in seeking information regarding Ukrainian involvement in our affairs is quoted as saying, “I was doing it to dig out information that exculpates my client (the President), which is the role of a defense lawyer.”  Rudy uses fancy “lawyer” words to impress us, but let’s look at what they mean.

Guiliani uses the word “exculpate,” which can mean the getting rid of the suspicion or appearance of guilt by his client, rather than “exonerate” which would clearly declare his client’s innocence, not just negate the suspicion or appearance of guilt or involvement in something unsavory.  The word “culpable,” to which the word “exculpate” relates, means “deserving of blame.”  Getting rid of deserving blame for something is not the same as the innocence which using the word “exonerate” would imply. Why did he not use that word?  My guess is that "innocence" was nowhere to be seen.

Letter to My Senators 

Here is the text of an email I have sent to each of my Republican Senators, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott.  If you have a Republican Senator, you might do the same.  I don’t know what good it does, but they do count the letters, emails and phone calls they receive. 

“I am not a Republican but I believe firmly in the two-party system which has brought this country great leaders of both parties in time of need.

Listening to and watching the President of the United States, I am appalled at what his words and actions have done to the office he holds.  Normally, as provided for by the Constitution, the American public can get rid of a president by voting him out of office.

The vile actions of this president, however, demeaning the co-equal Legislative branch of our government as well as dedicated public servants in the FBI and our intelligence services and his underhanded activities aimed at his re-election, demand that the nation not wait for November 3, 2020 to remove him from office.  The ethics common in the lower reaches of the business community, from which the President comes, should not be allowed to continue to besmirch the White House and the Executive Branch of our government.

It the House of Representatives finds sufficient grounds for passing a Bill of Impeachment, I urge you, as a Senator representing the  people of the State of Florida, to support it, putting patriotism and the Constitution, to which you have pledged to support in your oath of office, ahead of politics.

Your doing so would be a vote to save the nation as well as the Republican Party.”

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