Sunday, September 29, 2019

Heading Toward Impeachment and a Voter Registration Moment

Thoughts on the Road to Impeachment 

Speaker Pelosi
Well, it’s four days since my last posting and finally, enough Democrats have backed impeachment to allay Speaker Pelosi’s fear of it not passing in the House.  She is now on track heading for a Bill of Impeachment.

Bumbling Republicans, trying to find a way out of the morass their soon-to-be-impeached President has gotten them into, have increasingly turned to preposterous arguments and grasping at straws. They don’t know how to run a government, but they certainly know how to lie and make up stories, and find dishonest lawyers (like our Attorney General who deodorized the Mueller Report) and a corrupt former Ukrainian Prosecutor General who runs around peddling unproven and discredited stories to gullible Trumpies about the Bidens and how the Democrats colluded with Ukrainians in our 2016 election, rather than the Republicans’ “passive” colluding with the Russians so clearly documented in the Mueller Report. 

Rudy sez he's the real 'whistleblower'
The President has used Rudy Giuliani, a
n almost senile private citizen, as his conduit in this misdeed, bypassing normal government channels.  Yes, it’s all in the “Whistleblower’s” complaint letter to Congress.  Read it.

And please, watch Fox News as they promote the Ukrainian/Biden story. They would make Josef Goebbles green with envy.   Watch for resignations (or firings) at Fox News.  All of their employees are not quite as gullible nor stupid as is their massive audience.  And the presence of such a dishonest news source, made possible by the First Amendment, is what is going to make the 2020 elections close!

And more and more, as their man goes down, I hear them blaming the attacks on the President on some “deep state,” a hidden, entrenched apparatus which really runs the country, and which is causing the President’s problems.  Here’s news!  They are correct.  Their lies have stumbled onto the truth.  There is indeed a “deep state,” but it is not hidden. It is there for all to see.

It is “the United States of America and the Constitution upon which it is based and those who operate under its laws.”  That “deep state” is proving itself strong enough to finally be taking steps to get rid of the underhanded interlopers and scoundrels who, following the lead of their “liar-in-chief” and his indefensible ethics, have turned America into something it never before was, an autocracy posing as a democracy.  Here are the names of some of the creators of that “deep state:” George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton … and later on, even Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln.  Get it?

I predict that the President will not leave as the result of impeachment.  Somewhere during that process, he will leave as Richard Nixon did, via resignation.  A delegation of Republicans, probably led by Mitch McConnell, fearing his continued presence will
Mitch ... Fighting for
his Senate seat in Kentucky
result in their losing elections at all levels, even for dogcatcher in Dubuque, will force him to resign, saving the Republican Senators from an embarassing moment. He will do so, and the Republicans will have an open Convention in 2020 and try to come up with another candidate, one who is not besmirched by too close a relationship to Donald Trump.
Jack Lippman


The Real Problem Trump Represents 

Working last week as part of a voter registration drive, we were located outside of a supermarket in a Latino (or perhaps some would say Latinx) neighborhood, armed with our clipboards and a sign inviting people to register to vote.  As is the case with all such voter registration activities, there is no indication of the group sponsoring them.  Such registration drives are sponsored by Democratic, Republican and non-partisan (such as the League of Women Voters) groups, registered with the State.  They all operate in a non-partisan manner when registering voters.

So when a gentleman walking out of the supermarket, before even being asked if he were registered to vote, as we tried to ask all passers-by, shouted out at us “Trump, Trump, Trump,” without knowing what group we represented, he was making it clear that such Trump supporters consider anyone asking people to register to vote to be involved in an anti-Trump activity.  Even though it was the democratic process which brought Trump to the presidency, his supporters do not believe in democracy. Instead, they believe in voter repression and gerrymandering, which have no place in a democracy.

Donald J. Trump is less of a problem than those who support him, many of whom are sorely lacking in understanding what America is about.  After Trump is history, these people will find someone else to support.  They always do.  That they comprise about 40% of the American population is tragic.  The saving grace is that this percentage gets lower each year as younger people become old enough to vote, so the future is brighter.

Congressman Jim Jordan 
And while on the subject of Trump supporters, I am asking all who are reading this to scrounge around in their closets for an old man’s sport jacket that they can spare.  Republican Congressman Jim Jordan is sorely in need of one.  He looks to be about a size 42.  Send them directly to him. I am sure he will donate any “extras’ he receives to a legitimate charity.

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