Monday, August 5, 2019

The Enabler Must Go

It should be clear to all Americans, other than to his stubbornly loyal base, that the President of the United States is a racist, because of:

·         his almost daily racial innuendo, by Twitter or otherwise,
·         his equivocal comments regarding Charlottesville,
·         his identification of Mexicans as criminals and rapists,
·         his obsession with building a wall,
·         his description of African nations as shithole countries,
·        his similar description of basically minority-inhabited American inner-cities  and 
·   his insults of congressional Representatives of color, telling them what bigots have screamed for years, “Go Back Where You Came From.”

In doing these things, he gives aid comfort to the true racists in America, the white nationalists who do not reject racial violence and murder as tools in their efforts  to rekindle the war they lost in 1864 and again in 1964. Donald Trump, the unwitting asset of Russia, is also the unwitting asset of white nationalism in the United States.  

He is their enabler.  He must go.

The Democrats know this and will easily pass a Bill of Impeachment in the House of Representatives whenever they choose to do so.  We all know that the Senate can  convict the President and finalize his impeachment with a two-thirds majority (67 votes). The Republican majority in the Senate should awake to the fact that this is no longer a matter of politics.  

Blood shed by white nationalism has lifted it from the political realm and made it a moral issue.  

Republicans must look into their consciences, into their souls, and recognize the President for the person his actions reveal him to be and act accordingly. 

He must go. 


Jack Lippman

Addendum to above:  I have just heard the President address the violence which occurred in El Paso and Dayton.  Unfortunately, actions speak louder than words, and his past actions and encouragement of white nationalists diminish his credibility.  He has backtracked in the past after initially seeming to address these issues constructively.  Actions speak louder than words, especially from a documented liar. 

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Unknown said...

The NRA is calling the shots
The Republicans won’t buck it