Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Why Trump May Not Lose in 2020 ... Unless ...

Truth Must be Based on Facts


Charles Sykes 2017 book, “How the Right Lost its Mind” should be required reading for anyone interested in knowing how Donald Trump won in 2016 and very well may not lose in 2020 either.

Voters do not automatically become ignorant or gullible.  It’s not a matter of simply telling followers to drink the poisoned Kool Aid, as cult leader Jim Jones convinced his followers to do in 1978.  The thinking processes of human beings can be changed in other, far more subtle, ways.  And that’s exactly what Sykes, a long-time conservative talk radio host in Wisconsin, writes about.  

(Sykes can now be seen frequently on MSNBC and of course, Trumpublicans consider him a traitor.  His fading dream is returning the Party of Lincoln and Reagan to its true roots and taking it back from the charletans who have hijacked it.  Read the book!  Learn.)

Believing in nonsense becomes acceptable when it can be justified with outright lies and half-truths passed on repeatedly through questionable media sources.  That’s the way the Trumpublicans do it and it's often enough to convince some people of the supposed truth of “alternate” facts and move them to act accordingly.   One is entitled to firmly believe the sun rises in the west each day but that does not make it so, unless those who disagree with such nonsense fail to speak up.  If they don’t, the idea that the sun rises in the west then automatically achieves a degree of respectability. 

Another important book, discussed in recent postings, is Daniel Okrent’s 2019 “The Guarded Gate.”  In that volume, half a century of belief in American racial purity and the phony science of eugenics is exposed as a fa├žade for racist and nationalist movements, which besides providing Nazi Germany with a tool to justify death camps, severely affected immigration policy in the United States   The “gate” was guarded by politicians and very respectable citizens convinced by unproven facts and emotional appeals to their deepest racial and economic fears.

It is useless, of course, to try to convince diehard Trumpublicans (there are no such things as Republicans any longer) of the illogic of what they believe, that what they believe to be facts are no more than ill-founded nonsense.   Trying to reason with such people, who have lost the ability to reason, is as Thomas Paine said, like administering medicine to a dead person, a waste of time.

That’s why it is important that Democrats should concentrate their energies on live people (rather than Trumpublicans) and register as many voters as possible in crucial states, and that any divisions within the Party not be made available to the Trumpublicans to attack in their campaigning.

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Don't Forget the Mueller Report

If you have not yet read the Mueller Report, as I urged you all to do a week ago, I repeat that plea.  It is loaded with evidence explaining how the Russians interfered with our 2016 presidential election, how the Republican campaign "winked" at such assistance from Moscow, and how the President attempted to obstruct the Mueller investigation.  The Administration, the President and the Attorney-General may attempt to shove the Mueller Report into the background, discrediting it or dishonestly claiming it exonerates the President (it does not), but you owe it to yourself and the nation to read it yourself.  If you do not, you are a party to the Trumpublican deception!

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