Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Chopsticks, a Film Recommendation, a Quote, News for Writers and Thoughts on Republican Anarchy

Film Recommendation for Bob Mueller

Saw an interesting film the other evening.  “The International” (2009) is about a corrupt bank involved in international arms dealing.   

There’s the usual intrigue, car chases and violence, but the thing that sticks in my mind is one scene where an Italian politician, talking to an Interpol agent, explains that the key factor in world politics is “debt.”  Shortly before he is gunned down, he points out that whoever controls debt controls “everything.”  In the film, he was referring the corrupt bank’s power over its international debtors, including countries and those that rule them.  By tracing the trail of “debt,” Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller may come up with some very interesting information in his investigation of Russian involvement in our election process.
Jack Lippman

Pass the Chopsticks

More and more, I like to eat in Asian restaurants.  It used to just be Chinese restaurants (that was part of my heritage, being brought up in North Jersey) but now it also includes Japanese restaurants, Thai restaurants, Vietnamese restaurants and those that are a combination of all the above.  I believe that’s called “Asian Fusion.”

How did this every happen?  I suppose it is natural since I drive a car made in Japan, wear underwear made in Indonesia, wear shorts from Sri Lanka and am currently wearing a tennis shirt that comes from Vietnam.  I think there is something in these products that infiltrates my system and directs me to Asian restaurants.  Incidentally, my favorite “Asian Fusion” restaurant down here in Florida is “Sweet Ginger” (it has Vietnamese roots) near City Place in West Palm Beach, close to the Kravis Center.  For sushi, I like a place called Sushi Simon in Boynton.  If I am going for authentic Thai, I prefer the “House of Siam” in downtown Delray Beach.

Wanna Be Published?

Received an interesting email the other day from a lady up in suburban Detroit.  I pass it on to you and suggest you check out her website, particularly if you like to write.

"Dear Jack,

I was sent your blog and found it interesting. I publish soft cover books, including anthologies of other people’s writings in a series called VOICES. This is a hobby, not a business. Can you post in your blog a call for stories to be included in the up-coming VOICES?  

Currently I am collecting manuscripts from three audiences; 1) TEEN WRITERS - which will be all genres, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essay and up to 10 pages in length; COMING TO AMERICA stories and poems for any immigrant or family member, up to 20 pages; and writings of any kind from DACA.  They can just email me their manuscript. THERE IS NO COST, NO COMPENSATION, and they can keep all rights to their own work.  All material has to be original and not plagiarized. Books usually take 3-6 months to be in print.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Faye Menczer Ascher

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Republicans, Anarchists and Democrats

Over the years, Republicans have been very difficult to understand.  They have always been known for being champions of free enterprise, lower taxes and an economic policy which favors businesses and wealthy investors which they seriously believe will result in business growth benefiting all Americans regardless of where they are on the economic ladder.  They believe in accomplishing this with as little government involvement and regulation as possible.  Whether or not you agree with this is not important.  What is important is that this kind of thinking on the part of Republicans has always been part of an intellectually legitimate approach to government.

Unfortunately, this approach does not work and sooner or later, the people get wise to this fact and stop voting for Republicans, leaving the G.O.P. with a big problem.  How can they get enough votes to get their candidates elected? 

There has always been a wing of the Republican Party which is composed of crypto-anarchists.  They do not believe in government.  They know that in socialist countries, where the government owns the means of production, everything is subject to some degree of government control.  In a communist state, where not only is the means of production owned by the government, but mostly everything else is as well, personal liberties, which can remain under socialism, disappear.  Ostensibly, the nation’s wealth is shared among the people, but this never really happens.  Thinking simplistically, this anarchist wing of the Republican Party, afraid of this happening here, considers any degree of government involvement, however innocuous, to be a step on the road to totalitarian Communism.  Hence, they oppose government. Sounds dumb, but to them those holding government jobs are "bureaucrats" whom they are sure are lazy, inefficient and overpaid and to be scorned.  This is what motivates them to want to "Drain the Swamp."

The libertarian doctrines espoused by
Ayn Rand
in her books (Atlas Shrugged, the Fountainhead) glorified this denigration of government.  This is the basis of what many Republicans believe today.  Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is even named after her. 

Steve Bannon, former advisor to the President, set about “deconstructing government” the day he showed up in the White House.  He has since been fired, but his spirit leads the anarchist wing of the Party today.  This is offensive to more traditional Republicans who still believe in the necessity of having a government which does more for its citizens than just defending our borders with a military force. 

To get elected, Republicans have accepted the support of the anarchists, including the NRA, the White Supremacists, and other groups with right wing agendas which they legitimatize by wrapping themselves in the American Flag, or even evangelical Christianity.  The Republicans have now reached the point where these nut-jobs whose votes they needed now control their party.  That is how we ended up with Donald Trump in the White House.  A saner Republican could not win their nomination! The election in Alabama of right wing nut job Roy Moore over a more traditional Republican (who even had the President Trump’s endorsement) to the Senate is proof of this.  The inmates are running the G.O.P. asylum.

The remaining Republicans have nowhere to go.  Their Congressional leadership started falling apart because of the anarchists when Speaker John Boehner, who could not work with them, resigned in 2015.  Other Republicans will follow, probably either forming their own party rather than remain part of the Right Wing Nut Job Anarchist Republican Party.  Some may even become Democrats.  For all intents and purposes, the Republican Party as we have known it has died.  The autopsy will conclude that it committed suicide.

In 2018, I urge Democratic candidates to ask their Republican opponents where they stand in regard to the things for which President Trump stands, some of which echo the position of the anarchists.  Some candidates will support him.  Some candidates will not.  Depends on what kind of Republican they are.  Either way, there will be some disenchanted Republicans who will be provided with a reason not to support their candidates.  Democrats must exploit this schism in the G.O.P.  That is how the Democrats will win in 2018.


I Occasionally Post this on the Blog with Good Reason

While H.L Mencken, during his lifetime, said and wrote many things which were reprehensible, he also possessed the wisdom to have written a wonderful quote which I have posted several times on the blog.  Here it is again, but this time accompanied by a clever photograph provided by the "Occupy - Democrats" folks.

We have reached that day.  

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