Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The President's Latest Misdeed, a Letter to Pelosi and Perez, G.O.P. at the Plate and a Kitten in a Tree

My Advice to the Speaker of the House and to the Chairman of the Democratic Party

Speaker Pelosi,  Chairman Perez:
They look like they mean business.
They should.  Impeachment is
important business.

It is quite clear that playing by the rules is a losing game when your opponent does not play by the rules or makes up their own rules as they go along.   Trump and those who support him will never play fairly;  Trump, because he is an egotistical narcissist with no deep knowledge of anything (I still doubt that he ever set foot in either Fordham or the Wharton School), and the Republicans because they are frightened about losing the votes of Trump’s supporters when they run against Democrats, or even face primary challenges from the right if they dare to speak the truth.

So what do you do in the face of lies, delays, diversionary tactics leading into endless conspiratorial rabbit holes, stonewalling of both witnesses and evidence, all of which I guarantee will continue until November 3, 2020?

First:  The Democratic majority in the House of Representatives must tighten the rules, making them harder to defy.  This means an immediate introduction of a formal Bill of Impeachment, not next month or next week but today!  This will be tougher for the Trumpublicans to handle, although they will try mightily to obstruct it.  A mere “inquiry into impeachment” is not enough.

Two evil men in 1954:  Senator Joseph
McCarthy and Counsel Roy Cohen  who
later became Donald Trump's mentor
Second:  All questioning of witnesses in the impeachment proceedings must be by professional prosecutorial lawyers, like the late Joseph Welch, who performed admirably in the McCarthy hearings in 1954.  The politicians on the impeachment committee should forget their individual agendas.

Third:  The spineless Republican Senate will never confirm the Bill of Impeachment passed on to it by the House.  Nevertheless, the House impeachment hearings will enable the voting public to learn the truth about the depth of the high crimes and misdemeanors of which the President will be charged.  The hearings must serve to get that message out!  Voters will make the final decision on Election Day, but immediate impeachment proceedings are necessary to get that information to them and prevent it from being buried, as was the damning information about the President and the Republican 2016 campaign provided by the Mueller Report.

Fourth:  The Democratic Party must devote its resources to voter registration activities in those crucial States whose electoral votes will determine the election results:  Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Minnesota and Texas.  A dollar spent in New York or California is a dollar wasted.

That's how Democrats win in 2020! 
Jack Lippman 
                                     *  *  *  * 

 A Man Not to be Trusted

The unhinged P.O.S. in the White House has just betrayed our Kurdish allies,  who sacrificed thousands of troops on the battlefield, playing a crucial role in defeating ISIS in northern Syria.  Trump has dumped them to support another autocratic leader, Turkey’s President Erdogan, who fears Kurds in Turkey will seek autonomy.  There’s a lesson here for those who think Trump is a friend of Israel. 
That friendship exists only because there are millions of Jewish voters in the United States, including many gullible enough to believe that to be sufficient reason to support him, an example of which are people like casino-owner Sheldon Adelson. 

                                      *  *  *  * 

Kitten in a Tree

A kitten can quickly climb up a tree and settle in its branches.  But getting down is another story.  Without help, the kitten might perish in the tree or drop to the ground fatally injuring itself.  Getting to where you think you want to be is sometimes easier than getting back to where you were in the first place.  

                                      *  *  *  *

G.O.P. in the Batter's Box

When asked about the President’s position in regard to the Ukraine ‘whistleblower’ or in regard to troop withdrawal in northern Syria by a TV reporter from a ‘normal’ news channel, Republicans ‘in the batter’s box’ on TV are visibly uncomfortable and seek to change the subject (sometimes even to Hillary!) or go to some other diversionary tactic.  

But when the same questions are posed by a Fox News reporter, they become relaxed and end up supporting the President in one way or another. It’s like being in the batter’s box and being pitched to by a minor league relief pitcher rather than by the Justin Verlanders or Max Sherzers who hurl the questions, unlike Fox, on real news channels.  

Please watch Fox and you will get an idea of the poison that has warped the judgement of millions of Americans.  (And that's why, due to the protection of the First Amendment, we're stuck with Trump in the White House.  Free speech is predicated upon there being an intelligent population, which unfortunately cannot be legislated, although the tools to acquire intelligence are always available.)

                                       *  *  *  *

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